"I am a regular user of Coldstream Boarding Kennels for my dogs Winston and Maggie. Neither dog shows any reluctance going into the kennels - in fact Winston gets so excited he really springs on all four feet from the floor causing chaos in reception. The dogs always look well cared for, relaxed and full of energy when we pick them up.

I would recommend anyone needing to board their animals to consider using Coldstream Boarding Kennels's facilities. The buildings may not be crash hot but to me its more important that my dogs are loved and well cared for by the terrific staff and volunteers."

Kind regards,

Christine Fyffe MP

Deputy Speaker Legislative Assembly,
Member for Evelyn

Gypsy and BanjoWe have been using Coldstream Boarding kennels for the last six years.

Geordi and Gypsy both Pomeranians, have frequently made Coldstream their second home, they know all the staff and the staff are fantastic. I can ring when I am away and they take the time to tell me what they have been up to and how they are.

Lots of times medication has to be given and that is never a problem.

Two years ago Geordi passed away at 13 years of age, Gypsy now 13 fretted badly without her buddy, so Animal Aid came to the rescue and found me a gorgeous little Maltese X named Banjo who is 11 years of age and he has fitted in beautifully, of course he loves going back to Coldstream Boarding Kennels for a holiday as Gypsy does.

I recommend Coldstream Boarding Kennels to many people and would not hesitate to guarantee they will love taking their animals there just like I do.

Michelle Craigie

sezjaWe were really looking forward to our two week holiday in New Zealand. The only thing that was hindering that was our dog Sezja. Sezja, our two year old German Shepherd didn't take well to other people, she was a pretty anxious dog, and would normally bark at anyone that she didn't like (which was everyone).

We have been to Animal Aid before and feeling satisfied that they would look after our girl, we decided to place Sezja in their care. I took Sezja to the boarding kennels on the day of our departure feeling a little anxious myself - I wasn't sure if they would accept a dog that was barking at them.

After being in New Zealand for a short period, the supervisor of the boarding kennels gave me a call to say that things were not looking to good. I was told that Sezja was being very submissive in her kennel and that the staff were unable to touch her or put a lead on her. Sezja also was lacking her normal appetite.

We were advised that it may be best for her if someone could collect her. As we didn't know anyone who was free at the time to come and collect her, the staff agreed to keep working with her and if there was still no improvement that we would arrange for someone to collect her.

A few days later we called Animal Aid expecting bad news, but what we heard absolutely shocked Steve and myself. We were told that Sezja enjoyed playing with the girls, being patted and groomed by them and was even falling asleep on the girls. Surely this wasn't our dog?

When we came to collect Sezja it was evident that she was a completely different dog. She was so happy and was very comfortable around everyone. We cannot thank Coldstream Boarding Kennels enough for all the time and effort that they have put into our dog. We would highly recommend Coldstream Boarding Kennels to anyone!

Rebecca Cribb and Steven Bower.

angelWe just wanted to write to let you know how much we appreciate the care Coldstream Boarding Kennels have shown to our little dog, Angel on her regular stays with you. Also, you might be interested to know that we find she is much calmer now on her walks when she encounters another dog or group of dogs. Our 10 yr Jack Russell, Angel, has been with us for 6 years and for the majority of that time we had to try and avoid encountering other dogs on walks as she would put on a real display of barking, whining and lunging in her highly anxious or highly excited state. However, on our recent walks around Lilydale Lake, whenever we encounter other dogs Angel has been more relaxed. While she still needs to be kept focused on the walk we have seen a vast improvement in her temperament making our walks much more enjoyable. It appears that Angel's regular stays with you are helping desensitize her to being around other dogs and hearing other dogs barking. Plus your staff try to make sure she is put with other small dogs taking care to make sure they get on together.

We have been travelling with our little dog for the last 3 years exploring the eastern states in our caravan, so Angel is quite used to staying in boarding kennels. Where ever we have been, we make sure there is a kennel somewhere nearby so she has the opportunity to interact with other small dogs in a safe environment and we have some human quality time together.

So again, thank you and we'll be seeing you again soon.

Rosemary & Stephen Goodfellow

Our two dogs, Jet (13) a Labrador cross and Molly (12) a Kelpie cross, have stayed at the kennels about four times in the last twelve months. It was the first time either of them had encountered boarding kennels. Before that they had had home stays, so we expected some negative reaction – there wasn’t any.

They share a kennel and seem to enjoy making friends with the other boarders. When it’ cold, and it was earlier this winter, they have heat rings provided to keep them warm over night along with their own jackets.

They come home with shining coats from their early morning bath, looking relaxed and happy. We feel that staff at the kennels really care about dogs under their supervision. We would be happy to recommend the kennels to other dog owners.

Diana & Murray Haby

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