Each year the amazing team at Animal Aid's Vet Clinic undertake numerous surgeries to give shelter animals a second chance.  Apart from performing more than 900 basic desexing procedures, there are lots of special surgeries that need to be performed. Everything from amputation to major heart surgery has been accomplished to ensure those shelter animals with treatable medical issues have the best possible chance at a pain free and happy new life. Some surgeries we perform frequently include:

  • Amputation:  sometimes an animal comes to the shelter with an old, painful injury or we find a current injury that is causing serious pain and distress.  Often the best outcome for the animal is to amputate the limb to remove pain and improve quality of life.

  • Patella surgery: our Vet Clinic team often come across luxating patellas (or loose knee caps) which result in the knee joint moving too freely and creates wear on the joint.  We perform patella surgery to fix the joint so that younger animals don’t experience more severe arthritis as they age.

  • Eye removal and corrective surgeries: such conditions as entropion (inversion of the eye-lid) require surgery to correct the problem. Injuries leading to an ulcerated eye will require surgical attention and a condition known as ‘cherry eye’ can lead to surgery to remove the affected eye.

  • Ear trim surgery: most common in cats, ear trim surgery removes the tips of the ears that are affected with skin cancer so that the malignancy doesn’t spread to other areas of the body.

The typical costs associated with these types of surgical procedures often exceed $1000 each, far above the adoption fee paid for each pet.  Animal Aid’s special surgery program provides a second chance to injured and unwell pets every year and it costs more than $30,000 annually. We are only able to continue to perform these surgeries thanks to the generosity and kindness of our supporters. Donations to the Special Surgery Fund are greatly appreciated. Please check out some Special Surgery Stories and click on the below link to show your support!

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