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Animal Aid Vet Clinic upgrade

In 2014 the Animal Aid Vet Clinic received a much needed upgrade. Funding for this project was secured through the kindness and forethought of the Late Susan McInnerney who provided a Bequest in her Will for Animal Aid. This project was also greatly assisted thanks to the generosity of two fantastic Animal Aid supporters David and Kathy Mackintosh.

A new surgery and recovery ward were created to enable the clinic to better service both private and welfare patients and improve conditions for animals recovering from surgery.

Having an extra surgery means that the Clinic can roster dedicated welfare and private staff. This will increase our capacity and enhance our staff’s ability to focus solely on their rostered area. The separate wards will greatly improve conditions for Clinic patients as they recover from their anaesthetic, which can sometimes be quite stressful.

An important benefit of being able to increase the capacity of the clinic was that it has accelerated the turnaround time for adopted animals waiting to go to their new home. Reducing the time that a dog or cat spends at the shelter saves Animal Aid precious dollars and frees up space for more animals in need.  

The generous Bequest provided by the Late Susan McInnerney has made a wonderful difference to the operation of our Vet Clinic. We can not only cater for more private clients, thus increasing the Vet Clinic profits, which support the shelter, but we now have dedicated facilities to treat the health needs of the homeless pets in our shelters.