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Joy Ashfield

I’m a foster mother for the Animal Aid

– and I LOVE IT !

Sixteen years ago, when the Animal Aid was still in Kilsyth, I visited the shelter to adopt a cat.  Whilst I found a beautiful little blue/cream girl there, I also read a notice on the wall asking if anyone would like to train to become a foster mother for the shelter.  Having raised abandoned kittens for a local vet over many years and Guide dog puppies, I thought this was right up my alley, so I applied, was interviewed, and was accepted.  There the journey began.  Over those sixteen years I have fostered hundreds of cats and kittens and it has been one of the most rewarding, enjoyable, and sometimes extremely time-consuming experiences of my life!

I must admit that over the last few years my favourite cases are those where the animals are extremely tiny, timid, wild, or have been so ill-treated that they are ill or frightened of everything and everyone.  Although these poor souls take many, many hours of gentle encouragement and love, the outcome is absolutely fabulous when they eventually are able to return to the shelter and find loving, forever homes. Be prepared though – these particular cases can take months.
The staff at the Animal Aid are second to none.  There is support all along the way, and no questions or concerns are too small, in fact, I would encourage anyone in the foster program to always ask if you have ANY concerns or questions with the animals in your care. The staff will select animals that they feel are suitable for you and your situation, and some kittens or puppies may only need to be fostered for a matter of a few weeks.

In my opinion, the Animal Aid in Coldstream is the most wonderful place to visit or be involved with.  The reason for this – the animals come first – no matter what.

Joy Ashfield

Miriam Calherios

"I love fostering! I have looked after kittens, cats and rabbits that have either been sick or just in need of some extra love. I enjoy getting to know their personality and giving them the love and attention they need. I take them in and look after them as if they were my own.

By fostering I know that I am helping to give an animal a second chance, and that is why it is such a rewarding experience. “

Miriam Calherios

Aimee Merrett

There are many reasons why I love to foster, it’s not just the fact you get to play and care for cute furry animals, but it’s the feeling you get that you are giving them the second chance they deserve.

I love it because it gives me a sense of community and we can share our thoughts and concerns with other carers and the team at Animal Aid in order to give the best nurturing home for our fosters until they are ready for their new home.

I’ve looked after young kittens to cats that need to build confidence, to ones that are sick. Every situation is just as rewarding as the next and I love being able to love and care for every single one. It’s always sad to say goodbye to our fosters however the feeling you get when you realise you've played a part in saving or improving their lives and finding their forever home is very comforting.

I feel like this is something I can see myself doing for the rest of my life as its gives me so much happiness and joy to know that I'm helping out the animals.

Aimee Merrett

Tracy Menze - Foster Care Coordinator

Kitten season is a very busy time in our Welfare Cattery. As the (voluntary) Foster Care Coordinator, my job is to arrange temporary care of the many dogs, cats and kittens that require respite through our network of wonderful foster carers. I also foster cats and kittens and have been doing this for over 6 years. It is such a rewarding experience and I particularly love taking on the challenging cases like bottle feeds and critical care.

Tracy Menze