MeetOurTeam Admin Mark2  Mark Menze - CEO

“I have the greatest job in the world!” As CEO of Animal Aid, I get to combine my commercial business experience with the passion I have for this organisation.

Having grown up in the Yarra Valley, I have known about Animal Aid since its early days in Kilsyth. My wife formally introduced me to Animal Aid in 2009, when our family started fostering kittens. I was immediately taken and charmed by the mission. I joined the Animal Aid Board of Trustees in 2013 and shortly after, was appointed as CEO.

We have wonderful staff, volunteers and supporters. My role is to provide a sustainable business framework, allowing these passionate people to provide the best of care and outcomes for the many animals that come to us every year.
I live in Lilydale with my wife Tracy and adult children Brandon and Matilda (and my fury kids Sky, Angus, Ruby and Miley). I am privileged to lead this wonderful organisation.

Debora Boland

Debra Boland – Administration

My name is Debra and I went along to a Saturday morning volunteer dog walking session at the Kilsyth shelter 20 odd years ago. After just one session, I was instantly hooked. After five years of volunteering I was offered a job as a kennel attendant, and without hesitation I left a career as a lab technician in the water and soil chemistry field. Although it meant a substantial reduction to my pay packet, it has meant more to me than any financial reward.

I have adopted seven dogs from Animal Aid in that time, and each one is precious to me, perhaps not what would appeal to everyone, but perfect for me - I’m a sucker for a hard case!

I have tried my hand at almost every aspect of operations over the years. I have worked in the kennels and cattery, both boarding and welfare, the office, fundraising and communications and am now in administration. You are always required to wear many hats in this dynamic organisation; at Animal Aid you can guarantee that your job will never be boring!



 MeetOurTeam Admin Jodie

Jodie Merrett – HR Administration

Hi my name is Jodie; I first got involved with Animal Aid when my daughter wanted to start foster caring for Cats and Kittens.  We have been foster caring for Animal Aid for over 12 months.

I recently was given an opportunity to come to work for Animal Aid in HR Administration. This has been a fantastic change for me as being able to work in an environment that I love is very exciting and rewarding. It’s so easy to get out of bed and come to work!

Some days though can be tough because it’s hard to see all the dogs and cats without homes and the fact that people don’t desex their animals is frustrating to me, however I feel if everyone did their bit and we continue to educate it will get better.

I am a bit more of a cat person but I do love dogs too, at home the most pets we had at one time was 4 cats and 1 dog, and we foster as well. We have a great cat house at home and the best thing I ever bought was a cat scratching tower…I tried to hide it from my husband at the start because it was pretty expensive but it was too big!  He admits now it’s one of the best things we ever bought for the cats!!