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2016 Ride for the Animals

We had a wonderful day on Sunday 20 March at Animal Aid's third annual Ride for the Animals charity bike ride. Over 50 of our fantastic supporters commenced the 95km ride from our Gippsland shelter and rode through Maffra, Stratford and Meerlieu on the way to our Bairnsdale shelter. The weather was kind to us for most of the day, with a couple of showers towards Bairnsdale testing the resolve of our riders. Each and every person who participated put in a great effort and received lots of cheers and support from our team as they crossed the finish line.

From the staff, volunteers and animals at Animal Aid an absolutely massive thank you to all of our wonderful riders who participated in the Ride this year. Their efforts were fantastic and we were blown away by their dedication to the Ride and fundraising to help us care for animals in need. This year with the support of our event sponsors and participants we have raised just over $36,000! We are so appreciative of everyone involved in Ride for the Animals and can't wait to get started on next year's event!

Check out some of the photos from the day here.

Mim Bunny

Urgent advice for rabbit owners!

Animal Aid advises owners of rabbits that there is a new type of Rabbit Calicivirus Disease (RCD) affecting rabbits in Australia. This disease, similar to the other types of RCD in rabbits, is life threatening. There are often no signs of illness and a rabbit infected with this virus may be simply found dead. It is contagious and spread from rabbit to rabbit by direct and indirect contact and can live in the environment for a period of time after exposure.


There are four main types of calicivirus in rabbit populations in Australia that can cause a problem for pet rabbits. The standard CYLAP-RCD vaccination is used to vaccinate for the Calicivirus disease and pet rabbits should receive this vaccine annually. While this regular cylap vaccination will hopefully provide some protection against all strains of RCD the level of protection and for how long is not known.


In light of the current threat from RCD Animal Aid strongly advises checking and discussing the vaccination status of your rabbit with our vet clinic team. A booster vaccination may be recommended earlier than a pet rabbit’s annual vaccination. Please contact the Animal Aid Veterinary Clinic on (03) 9739 0500 for further information and to check your rabbit's vaccination status.


Trivia Dog Walk, Sunday 15th November 2015, Bairnsdale

The weather on the day was pawfect – and feedback for the event has been fantastic; it was very special to see so many of our adoptees participate in the walk.

A big thank you to Megan, Mandy and team for their personal efforts in making the event a success including coming up with the clever trivia questions!! A great benchmark for next year's event.

The 12 Strays of Christmas

Images courtesy Herald Sun


Each year Animal Aid is lucky enough to be able to feature a few of our hopeful adoption animals in the annual Herald Sun feature the 12 Strays of Christmas.
In 2014 we featured two cats Miranda and Taffy, and two dogs Blondie and Sarge.

Get On Your Bike and Ride For the Animals

Image courtesy of Herald Sun Jan 6 2015


Animal Aid is encouraging all cycling enthusiasts in Victoria to get on their bikes and ride for a worthwhile cause: homeless animals in need of a second chance.
In March 2015, Ride for the Animals will aim to raise funds for all three of the Animal Aid Shelters, East Gippsland, Gippsland and Coldstream.

The charity Bike Ride will commence at Animal Aid's Gippsland shelter and take the participants through 95km of wonderful scenery that will challenge their stamina and provide an experience that is unforgettable. The ride finish line is at Animal Aid East Gippsland's Shelter located in Bairnsdale.

Animal Aid Fundraising Manager, Megan Pritchard believes that this is a really great way to see some of the best of what the Gippsland region has to offer while making a difference for animals in need.

"This recreational ride is challenging and offers the opportunity to be a part of the second annual cycling event that aims to raise awareness of the needs of homeless animals in regional Victoria. Just as importantly it aims to raise funds that will help Animal Aid to provide their vital services." She said.

"We also invite the local community to join us at the Finish Line and enjoy a sausage sizzle and to cheer the participants home."

2015 Ride For the Animals


In true Bendigo Bank style, the Central and East Gippsland branches were keen to get behind this regional community event by signing up as the major partner. They will be promoting the ride to their staff and customers alike and providing much needed funds to ensure a successful, enjoyable event.

Cinettica has also on board as a supporting partner and will be providing event cycling jerseys for the first hundred people to register. So get in quick!

This Charity Bike Ride is sure to be a success if the community gets behind the riders and sponsors them to Ride for the Animals!

This story also appeared in the Bairnsdale Advertiser and the Gippsland Times as well as ABC Gippsland and WINTV News Bulletins.

Pet Project isall about helping animals in need

Image courtesy of Lilydale & Yarra Valley Leader March 10 2015


Cleaning up kennels isn't the most glamorous job, but Ruth Barnett says she doesn't mind in the slightest. The Lilydale resident has been volunteering at Coldstream Animal Aid for 12 years, and will be recognised for her contribution at an upcoming ceremony.
"It's a dirty job but I like doing it," Ms Barnett said.
"I also make beds, wash the bowls, do the laundry and anything else that needs to be done – we all pitch in."
Ms Barnett said she found out about Animal Aid by reading about them in the Lilydale & Yarra valley Leader. After participating in a fundraising event she decided to put her hand up and volunteer.
"I absolutely love animals; they're just beautiful and the people there are the nicest I've ever met," Ms Barnett said.
"It's nice to feel you're playing some small part in getting a new home for these dogs."
Despite spending plenty of time with her own dog, retired greyhound Fraser, Ms Barnett said she never got sick of volunteering at Animal Aid.
"It's the highlight of my week; I love it and I absolutely love animals," she said.
If you would like to volunteer at Animal Aid please visit www.animalaid.org.au for more information.

World Spey Day


Tuesday February 24th is World Spey Day. This is an annual campaign initiated by the Humane Society International to highlight the importance of speying pets in the community.  It is an important day in the animal welfare calendar and promotes a message that Animal Aid strongly endorses.  

A spey is a surgical term used for desexing female pets. It is the most effective and permanent way of preventing unwanted litters and unplanned pregnancies. This procedure can be performed from as early as three-four months of age at our veterinary clinic.

Cats, in particular, can start coming into season and even fall pregnant as early as five months of age and a female kitten can often fall pregnant before she is even fully grown.

Unplanned and unexpected pregnancies run the risk of problems during pregnancy, the birthing process and even after the kittens or puppies are born. In some circumstances there can be a problem with the labour and an emergency caesarean may be required. This often occurs in the middle of the night and is an expensive (minimum $1500-2000) surgery which can put both your female pet and her future puppies or kittens at risk.

Even if everything proceeds smoothly and healthy puppies or kittens are born, many people find it difficult to find homes for all of them. These unwanted litters often find their way into the shelter environment. This can be a very stressful time for them, while they wait to find a new family and sometimes they may even face an uncertain future.   

If you have a female pet which hasn't been desexed and you are interested in finding out more information on the procedure or prices please contact the Animal Aid Veterinary Clinic on 9739 0500.

While there is a cost and commitment involved in the surgery, the benefits of this procedure are many. Not only does it help with your pet's future health and wellbeing but desexing also goes a long way to helping the pet overpopulation problem.

At Animal Aid we think every day should be Spey Day and we encourage all pet owners to think about getting their pets desexed, not only your female pets but your male pets too. Don't forget about the rabbit and the guinea pig either, they don't use the term breeding like rabbits for no reason.