Age should never be a barrier for pets looking for a home and it certainly isn't at Animal Aid.
We know that at any age the pets in our care have so much to offer and so much love to give. Animal Aid's Seniors For Seniors Program unites senior pets with senior citizens to ensure each experience the special bond that exists between a person and their pet.

When you adopt a pet through our Seniors for Seniors Program you receive:

  • A reduction in the pet adoption fee

  • 50% off Animal Aid Vet Clinic’s routine veterinary fees (conditions apply)

  • 25% off shop items, Grooming and Boarding Services

  • If you are within a 50 km radius of our Coldstream facility, on mutually agreeable days and at no charge, you can also take advantage of two pickup and delivery trips for your pet, to and from the shelter each year to use our services (conditions for veterinary services may apply)

  • Most importantly you will receive the gift of companionship and unconditional love!

Senior citizens are often reluctant to replace a pet that has passed away after they themselves reach a certain age. They worry about whether they will outlive the pet or that if they have to go into care, what will happen to their treasured friend. At Animal Aid we encourage senior citizens to keep a pet in their life for as long as they can.

Don't be afraid that you will outlive them. If your family or friends are not able to assist you can arrange to have them surrendered to Animal Aid. We will make sure that they get the best chance of being placed with an appropriate new family.

Evidence suggests that the care and attention required by pets really does help seniors to stay more active and healthier. Pets help establish routines and create a variety of opportunities for social interactions. Pets not only provide companionship but also improve well-being.


Seniors for seniors! Seniors for seniors!