Our Wish List includes everyday essentials such as food and bedding, but also items that may not be seen as necessities; items which we know will either improve an animal's time with us, enhance our ability to provide our services or help increase the awareness of our important work.

Animal Aid acknowledges with thanks the various forms of support we receive from individuals and businesses alike.

To make a wish come true you can:

Check out our Wish List below, purchase an item yourself and drop it off at one of our locations


contact us by email at fThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 03 8756 1335 and have your credit card details ready


click on the Donate A Wish List Item button below, which will take you to our online shop, where you can donate the item of your choice.

Thank you in advance!

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Animal Aid Shelter Kennels

Royal Canin Dry Dog Food $25
Black Hawk dog food $25
Large plastic tub bed $24
Large Kong toys $25
Dog Training Treats $6.50
Pet Tunes K9 music $100
Clam Shell Pool $13.50
Blankets & Bedding  


Animal Aid Shelter Cattery

Whiskas loaf varieties 6 for $8.00
Oaten Hay $20
Seagrass mats for bunnies $5
Black Hawk cat food $25
VIP Grainfree for fussy cats $12
Rabbit & Guinea Pig (Pocket Pet) food $14
Ceramic food bowls $6
Hidey hole cat den $136
Kitten wet food $9.50


Animal Aid Grooming Salon

Rubber backed vet bedding $40


Animal Aid Vet Clinic

IV Fluid Pump $1600
Rubber backed vet bedding $40
Digital thermometer $10
Digital X-ray $TBC
Ultrasound $TBC
Visitor's chairs for reception X 6 $75 each


Animal Aid Boarding Facility

Blankets & Bedding  
Cat scratch posts $25
Medium-large dog coats $40
Cat Igloo beds $35
Rubber backed vet bedding $40


Animal Aid Gippsland

Black Hawk cat food $25
Hidey hole cat den $136
Tug-a-jug dog toys $25
Snugglesafe heat pads $35
Garden rake & shovel $40
Large plastic tub beds $25
Kitten food $9.50
Black Hawk dog food $25


Animal Aid East Gippsland

Large dog coats (50-80cm) $42
Large Fridge/Freezer (freezer for pet food) $1200
Black Hawk dog food $25
Gardening tools $150
Cat scratching posts $25
Industrial washing machine $TBC
Foldable Chairs $8 each
Black Hawk cat food $25


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