1. You are literally saving a life!

  2. You can be rest assured that you are not contributing to the tragedy that is pet over-population by encouraging irresponsible and un-registered breeders to produce offspring for the pet trade.

  3. You can depend on Animal Aid to assess the animals' health and temperament in order to make the best adoption matches possible.

  4. Many shelter animals are already housebroken and trained, and have some understanding of what living with a family is like and how to fit in. They have a "head-start" on animals from pet stores or breeders.

  5. Animal Aid offers follow up services and support, including dog training, vet services and behavioural advice.

  6. Adopting your next pet from a shelter is also good value! Shelter fees include the cost of desexing, up to date vaccinations, worm and flea treatment along with microchip identification.

The most persuasive reason is that pet adoption is the right and ethical thing to do!
You will be helping, one animal at a time, to bring an end to this nation's homeless animal problem.


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