You might remember Casper the cat from some of our promotional videos and Instagram reels. He was with us for many months and his fun nature meant he got lots of time in the spotlight!


But we were often sad that Casper stayed with us without a home, despite getting lots of attention.


It only took one special family to approach the cattery and ask to adopt a cat that had been here the longest.


“When I approached Animal Aid looking for a cat it was because my cat Moccasin was grieving the loss of our foster dog and was getting old,” said Casper’s owner Andrea, “I had a bit of a list for the kind of cat we needed to add to our household.”


The family wanted an older, male cat who had been at the shelter for a long time and Casper fit the bill!


“During my initial phone call I was told Cas met my criteria, so we headed out to meet him,” said Andrea, “Upon arrival in the shelter, Cas playfully bit my son and at that moment we knew he was the right cat for us!”


The family love their new furry addition, they love how he enjoys playing hide and seek, his random leg nips as you walk by but mostly his love of their older cat Moccasin.


“Cas has helped Moccasin back into the happy cat he once was,” says Andrea, “Cas is one of a kind, a cat who thinks he is the boss and is savagely independent. He loves sleeping the day away in front of the heater or else can be found waiting to pounce out from under a table leg.”


We know that some cats take longer than others to find a home, but your donation allows us to care for them for as long as it takes. Like the gorgeous Casper!


Donate today and help us continue this amazing work for years to come.