At the Animal Aid Grooming Salon we dedicate quality time to all of your pet’s needs during their visit. We offer a professional service of the highest standard. With over 20 years of grooming experience, our staff provide a positive environment for your pet while they receive grooming that is guaranteed to make them shine!

Keep your pet shining

We don’t mind what condition your pets are in when they arrive at our door because we are here to make them look and feel superb. Our prices are very affordable and we groom every size, shape and dog breed, as well as cats and rabbits.

Here at Animal Aid’s Grooming Salon we offer a holistic style of pet care. Not only do we pamper and style your pet, we are also trained to identify problems or potential problems with skin, teeth, coat and general well-being and offer advice on how to combat such issues. We feel this is a very important part of the grooming process as early intervention with simple problems can often avoid the need for expensive vet bills in the future!

 Our services include

Bathing & blow drying, Clipping, Stripping, De-shedding, Nail clipping and Ear cleaning

View our prices by clicking below – or if you’re not sure what you pooch will need, you can get a quote from the team!

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Call us today for a quote and to book your fur baby in to be pampered.

Profit from our Grooming Salon goes directly to our Welfare Program – supporting homeless pets across al of our shelters