Lost your pet?

You can help prevent the worst from happening and help your pet find their way home quickly by ensuring they wear a well-fitted collar and a pet tag that includes your current contact details.

What to do if your pet is missing

  • Step 1  –  Look all over your property – including places where your pet may hide, for example; behind furniture, under decking, inside ceilings, in garden bushes, garages or fireplaces.
  • Step 2  –  Search your local neighbourhood, plus contact your immediate neighbours and ask them to check their backyards, sheds, etc.
  • Step 3  –  Call your local vets, council and pound/shelter. 
  • Step 5  –  Do a letterbox drop and put posters up at local shops, parks and schools. Include a clear picture and a detailed description of your pet. Include its name, when and where it was lost and any distinguishing features. Don’t forget a contact name and number!
  • Step 6  –  Most important of all, ensure your pet’s microchip details are up to date. If you have moved house or changed your phone number, contact Central Animal Records to update your details.

Found a Pet?

If you find a stray dog or cat without any identification, e.g. engraved tag with owner’s details, it will need to be transported to your local council pound. Please contact the local laws team at your council to arrange for the animal to be collected.

All dogs and cats are scanned for a microchip on arrival at Animal Aid shelters and if the pet owners’ details are current, they will be quickly reunited with their lost pet.

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