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Animal Aid Dog Training has a clear focus on making your dog a great companion, we teach you the skills to keep your dog happy, obedient and well socialised with other pets and people.

Training and socialisation are a must for all dogs

Having a dog with good manners makes everyone’s live’s much easier. Animal Aid Dog Training will build your relationship with your dog, creating a dynamic of mutual respect and understanding, giving your pet the best chance for a happy healthy life. Training is one of the basic pillars of enjoyable pet ownership and care.

Training Options

Puppy School
Basic Manners
Private Training


Upcoming Dates:

Basic Manners – 8 week course

Classes commence:

  • Saturday 24th February at 9.30
    • Classes will not run on easter weekend (Saturday 30th March)

Puppy School – 4 week course

Classes commence:

  • Wednesday March 6th – Wednesday March 27th

Masterclass – Trick Training

Classes commence:

  • Dates TBC


My dog Wallace loved Animal Aid Dog Training!
He learned heaps and made some great doggy friends. My family have been so impressed with his progress, they have now booked their dog in to do Animal Aid dog training too!

Elle A.

Animal Aid Training Graduate

Puppy School

From the age of 8-16 weeks your dog is in a critical period, your puppy is absorbing everything and these experiences, both good and bad, stay with them for life. By beginning your dog’s training during this early developmental stage you are setting them up with right tools to navigate their way through meeting new people, meeting other dogs, new surfaces, different noises and more.

Animal Aid Puppy Preschool covers socialisation, basic obedience, curbing behavioural issues early, reward-based training and dog health.

Puppy Preschool is $92 for 4 weeks.

Basic Manners

We aim to provide long-term results in obedience training, socialisation and behavioural problem solving that will benefit you and your dog for years to come. Animal Aid runs a group obedience class, these classes are designed to help you better understand your dog so your dog is willing and happy to work with you long into the future.

Animal Aid’s dog obedience program is 8 weeks at $208
Your dog must be fully vaccinated (C5) to attend.

Private Training

Our dog behaviourist offer private consultations in-home or on-site at our Coldstream location.  The sessions are tailored to you and your dog’s needs and are designed to address specific issues or behaviours that you are experiencing. Initial visits include: 1.5 hour consultation, training plan, 2-4 week phone check in post consult, behaviour reports or referrals included, discounted revisits if required, travel fees may apply 15km outside of Coldstream.

Initial in-home consult: $220
Initial on-site consult: $180
Revisit In-home: $120
Revisit On-Site: $80
Behaviour Assessment Report: $80


“Hi, I’m Vanessa Kool-Rose and I have been a Dog Trainer for the past 5 years. I have delivered Puppy Classes, Basic Obedience Training and also do One on One training at home/private consultations.

Dogs have always been part of my life from a very early age. My first dog was a German Shepherd called Trishna, who was 6 weeks old when I was born. Trishna was my playmate, partner in crime and my protector for many years. Since then I have always loved dogs and have always had a dog by my side. There have been many loved dogs in my life from German Shepherds, Dobermans and English Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Currently my girl, Jinx is a gorgeous Staffy who is besotted with me!

My most important role is to provide you with the skills and knowledge of how to effectively and successfully train your dog. My philosophy is simple, I help train your dog with understanding and compassion. I will be able to give you the tools as their loving owner to bring up a well adjusted, well behaved and most importantly happy dog. The key for training is to have fun and laugh whilst learning new skills with your fur baby!”


Industry professional Shelby Thorn has been working as an Animal Behaviourist since 2015, and brings a rich background to Animal Aid.

After years of devoted passion to study and practical experience, she has worked on the ground at multiple shelters Victoria wide remodeling behaviour departments. Her goal was to create procedures that offer stress minimising animal management strategies and modification training techniques using a science based approach. Shelby’s capabilities were often utilised with dogs who used aggression and she would favour working in seized departments engaging in successful training plans without actually entering enclosures! She’s also worked in private practice supporting clients and their animals with complex conditions such as anxiety in homes, working alongside Veterinary Behaviourists for behavioural recovery. Shelby provides seminars for other animal care professionals such as groomers, vet nurses, and attendant staff on how they can use a force free approach in their impactful roles, leaving a positive psychological print and teaching them how to assess and interpret behaviour.

Shelby also has qualifications in human health and has worked as a holistic Mental Health Practitioner. The support Shelby organically offers to the human end of the leash is what makes her service so unique! Shelby lives with her tribe of rescue animals and enjoys camping, books, professional development and all things ocean! Shelby also loves to travel which is great considering she will be spending half of 2023 working in animal shelters internationally to enhance behaviour programs overseas!


“Hi, my name is Elleke!

I am a passionate dog trainer, committed to creating positive change in animal care and welfare. I hold a Certificate IV in Dog Training and Behaviour, am a member of the APDT – an organization promoting positive reinforcement training strategies – and have been running my own dog training business since February 2022. At Animal Aid, I teach Basic Manners classes and offer one-on-one dog training consultations.

I believe that creating positive interactions between owners and dogs is the first step in creating a happy dog that listens to its owner. That is why I use positive reinforcement training for dogs. In my dog training, I focus on teaching dogs to be confident and happy in their surroundings, and I work on creating an understanding bond with their owners so that they can live a happy life together.

I have worked with a vast array of breeds, from Bull Arabs to Chihuahuas, and have helped dogs with many behavioral issues, including dog-to-dog reactivity, anxiety, over-excitement, toileting accidents, and non-existent recall. My goal is to teach dog owners the skills they need to successfully train their dogs and have fun while doing it.”

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Profit from our Dog Training goes directly to our Welfare Program – supporting homeless pets across all of our shelters

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