The resources required to help train dogs in the last 18 months has increased significantly.

We need your help to assist dogs like Cash with training, so they can go into their new homes happy and healthy.

Cash had lots of training while at Animal Aid, to help correct improper behaviour such as mouthing, pulling on the lead and jumping.

Dogs that were puppies during Victoria’s lockdowns didn’t have the resources like puppy training to help them learn how to be a good dog in the community.

Cash was typical of a “covid puppy” when he arrived in our care, he had missed out on critical socialisation, basic training and obedience.

We are happy to report that with patience and care, Cash left our care and settled well into his new home.

Here is an update from his family Breanna and Jesse:

“Cash is doing so well, he is such a character! So loveable and goofy. 

He is mouthing much less now, he really only does it to new people, or when he’s over excited, but he has learnt very quickly – a smart dog! 

Cash has changed so much over the past few weeks and it’s amazing how far he has come. I think he needed space to run and play and just be the goof ball that he is.

We have continued to train him on his halter, we have tried a harness a couple of time on our walks and he has been amazing.

We have been working on some off lead stuff in the house paddock and if there are no distractions (aka his sister Nala), he is great. If he is outside on his own he hangs around the back door or just wanders around but always stays close by – which is great.

Cash loves having a sister, but she is only now realising that this is maybe not a play date anymore and he is here to stay!

They play so much and tire each other out but it’s so sweet to see them say good morning to each other when I get Cash out of his crate.

We are absolutely loving having Cash as a part of our family and we are excited to see him continue to grow.”

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