In June this year we received two 12 week old kittens. One was adopted very quickly, but it was clear the other kitten, Cooper, had severe problems with his eyes.

Our senior vets Nico and Adele found that this kitten had no eyelids! Surgery was the only way that Cooper was going to be able to live a pain-free life.

It took two extremely tricky procedures over a couple of months to give Cooper eyelids.

The first involved flipping live tissue from below the eye, upwards (making Cooper blind for two weeks); this flap was then used to create eyelids for him.

Cooper is now happy and healthy, but does need ongoing medical attention. His incredible eye surgery was a true success! Our talented vets and wonderful foster carers gave this little guy a life worth living.


Health checks/vet visits: 11
Surgeries performed: 2
Total costing: $3,864.40


A note from Cooper’s foster (now forever family)

Every morning when people and cats get up, the first thing that has to b done is Cooper’s morning routine of being pet and scratched. The other cats rush to the feeding station, but not Cooper. He has to soak up all the love and attention first. Food comes second.

Cooper is a delightful, friendly and sweet kitten who behaviours like any other – but as you can see he looks different.

He spends his days racing around, playing in the cat tunnel, sleeping and following his older mentor an older cat Wally.

Our other cat Shelly, a Tortoiseshell cat, is a bit standoffish with foster kittens. So you’ll understand our surprise when she let Cooper play with her!

Sure he looks a little funny, but he is just too easy to love. He responds to his name quickly and you can tell that he is just appreciative of the life he has.

We did end up adopting Cooper and he is doing really well. He has now had 3 surgeries in total. The 2 graft surgeries and then the desexing and tweaking the one bottom eyelid where the graft had not taken. He has a few genetic issues that came out over time as well.

It’s been a long journey to get him here, but we love him to bits. And despite all of the trauma he has endured, he is a content and happy cat.

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