Discovery Dog 2019 – An Amazing Race

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Your will need speed, skills and smarts to win! This epic adventure will see each team locate checkpoints. At each checkpoint you’ll need to complete a challenge these may involve eating competitions, construction tasks, cryptic puzzles, creative photo challenges all while keeping an eye on the time and trying to get to the finish line as quickly as possible.

Discovery Dog is a great way to get out with your human and canine friends. We’ve designed all of our games in-house which means they are perfect for you and your four legged partner to complete together.

Don’t let the word ‘race’ scare you. This game is not about speeding through to the destination, it’s all about the journey that gets you there. This isn’t a boot camp or a fitness test; it’s an inclusive and exciting experience that you’ll get to share with your dog and team (awesome fun for all ages 12 years and older) and fitness levels. Teams will cross paths as you attempt to find the best route to complete the game and make your way to the final checkpoint.

Groups of 2 or 4 (minimum one dog per team)
Single entries will be ‘buddied’ with other single entrants
$25 per person
Sunday 22nd September 2019
Wandin Park | 305 Victoria Road | Gruyere