Giving Hope

Your donation will help us give the gift of a brighter future this Christmas.

Can you help us give hope to a precious life this Christmas?

Animal Aid exists to help the voiceless. We know you share our concerns for the homeless animals in our community. This Christmas we need your help.

Every day animals who are in desperate need of a second chance come through our doors. Every day we give our all to deliver vital medical treatment, expert care, rehabilitation and all the love we can to hundreds of animals.

Without the help of our community we could not deliver this life saving work.

Sheltering is a tough gig. We laugh, we cry and we celebrate our successes. As Chief Executive of this wonderful organisation I am blessed to have a fantastic team of staff and volunteers working tirelessly to find our fury residents their forever homes. We can’t do this without your help.

On behalf of everyone at Animal Aid I extend my thanks and appreciation for your support.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and enjoyable 2020.

Mark Menze

CEO, Animal Aid


Every dog deserves a home of their own.

Meet Jethro, a beautiful 7 year old Foxhound mix. He came into our care on the 18th January 2019. Found by a passer-by in Coldstream he presented with an injured rear leg and was covered in scars. We suspect he may have been used for hunting and was dumped by the side of the highway. Our expert veterinarians provided Jethro with pain relief and treated his wounded leg before handing over to our kennels team for rehabilitation, training and adoption. There are always those dogs that are harder to find homes for than others; Jethro was one of them. Energetic and vocal, we needed to do an enormous amount of work with himto ensure he didn’t meet the same fate that brought him to us. Not coping with the shelter environment, we had to go above and beyond to find ways to stimulate and enrich his active personality. Spending time with a foster carer not only gave him a break from the shelter, but we also learnt some valuable information about Jethro’s personality when in a normal home environment. We desperately wanted to find Jethro a newfamily, but it had to be the right one.

After 270 days in our care he met his perfect match.

The Cat Crisis

Over the past 3 years we have experienced a 28% increase in the amount of cats and kittens in need of our help; this has cost Animal Aid around $2.4 million in the past financial year. To the credit of our dedicated staff, volunteers and community, we have risen to this challenge and found more loving
homes, but cannot continue to do this without you. This Christmas we will have a very special gift for our cats and kittens with the opening of our new Shelter Cattery. Designed to meet the needs of modern sheltering, it will provide us with many benefits, including additional capacity.
As the number of felines requiring our support increases, so do the costs. Your donation of $70 will provide flea and worming treatment to give a healthy start for their new life.

Your donation of $100 will help us desex a cat or kitten before adoption, assisting to break the cycle of homelessness.

Walking Trails

Or can you contribute to a new project that will enrich the lives of thousands of dogs in the years
to come? With your help, our dreams of providing a place of peace and tranquillity for our shelter dogs to be walked and run off lead will become a reality in 2020. We have designed wetlands and walking trails for our vacant 5 acre paddock. This space will not only give our dogs respite from the kennel environment, but will also tell us a lot about their personality and needs. Additionally this project will provide increased habitat for indigenous
animals and vegetation to support the natural environment.

Your gift will help us achieve this project and to enhance the care we provide.

Poppy and her Kittens

Did you know Animal Aid receives more than 240 cats every month?

Poppy came to us with one male and two female kittens. She was only 3 years old but it was clear that she was not a first time mum. We were so glad that Poppy and her kittens arrived when they did, giving us the opportunity to break the breeding cycle. The kittens were 3 months old when they arrived and would have been able to have kittens of their own at as young as 4 months! Poppy is just one of the many female cats that will arrive at Animal Aid. Hundreds more will go on producing litters of kittens contributing to our
cat crisis.

Help us to desex, microchip and rehome more cats like Poppy and her kittens by donating $110 today.
Together we can make a difference!