Ten years ago Lee walked into our Coldstream cattery ready to pick up her new cat, Kayley.

But when Kayley was brought through the doors to her waiting family, they realized it was the wrong cat!

Kayley’s name tag was on a different pen the day Lee picked her out. But what was a small mix-up in the cattery might have been fate.

Kayley was the perfect cat for Lee and her family.

“When I saw Kayley’s face my heart just melted for her,” says Lee, “You know there was something magical about the way she was purring and looking up at me, it was like she was trying to say ‘please take me home’. So, of course I did take her home.”

It had been a couple of long years without a pet for the family, as their previous cat had passed away in traumatic circumstances.

Kayley’s adoptive Dad, David, was an international pilot and often away for long periods, so a four-legged friend was a much-needed company.

“We had lost our family cat and it had been traumatic for the kids,” says Lee, “But I knew it was time to open our hearts again and I knew the best place to look was Animal Aid.”

Kayley came to Animal Aid from the Christmas Hills region after the Black Saturday bushfires. She was very underweight and had a litter of kittens.

“The cattery team told me she had been a wonderful mum”, says Lee, “But she was underweight and had severe tooth decay, it was hard to tell what age she was.”

It took Kayley a long time to settle in.

“I was prepared to be very patient and wait for her to get used to the household, but it took nearly 12 months before she came out of her shell.”

“I have one very fond memory, watching tv on my own one night, Kayley jumped up on the seat next to me and put her paw on my leg and meowed at me. She did this for a few minutes like she was chatting to me. It was so cute, it was like she was thanking me for giving her home.”

Now 10 years later she is about 14 years old and in good health. She still sleeps a lot and is always looking for the warmest spot in the house. Kayley loves a belly rub and does her crazy night zoomies which makes everyone laugh.

“This beautiful calico cat has brought so much love and happiness to my family, l hope she is around for another 10 years.”

Kayley is also a regular boarding and veterinary client! We love it when she comes to visit.