From Courtney, Tayder’s Foster Carer and now forever mum…

“I’d hang out with Tayder at work in the welfare cattery quite a lot and although we have a lovely facility in there and Tayder made herself quite at home, I’d always leave thinking of her as she was the type of cat that wanted to be with you all the time and up in everyone’s business!

One night I took her home and the second I let her out of her crate she just strutted straight down our hallway like a princess down the isle and introduced herself to the gang – The cats Toby, Azora and Colin the dog. They all settled like they had lived together their whole lives.

The first night she chose my bed to sleep on and it hasn’t stopped since then. Every morning either my Mum or Myself will wake up with her asleep on our chest, we always have her kitty eye wipes on hand and clean her face before she gives us a head boop because she isn’t afraid to share those eye goobers with us, that get stuck in her face wrinkles!

Animal Aid will always be close to Tayder, and she will continue with regular visits and checkups, Tayder has fit right in our home and definitely found her feet. It wouldn’t be the same at home without her. It was weird for everyone working the next day in the cattery after I had taken her home, I even had to keep reminding myself she’s not gone she’s at my home.

Tayder is like a cat in a dogs body. Sometimes we would even have to put her back in her pen when we had customers in looking at cats for adoption as she would try and get into everyone’s bags and pull out items she shouldn’t be! She’s always been extremely food driven, we spent so much time putting weight on her in the shelter and now she is on a healthy diet at home and all cats use their individual microchip feeder’s.

Luckily she is also very active and playful, her favourite things to do is zoomies, with my other cats, she squeaks like a mouse and runs up and down pouncing on her favourite kong catnip bee toys they all share. She also loves sun-baking by the window on her back and every morning she waits for us to open the curtain so she can meow and wag her tail at the birdies.

Tayder knows how to brighten up everyone’s day, she definitely touched everyone that met her and saw her grow. People that meet her now would never guess what she has been through she has never let it get her down. She’s like a knight in shining armour.”

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