Tinkerbelle is a total joy in spite of her age!

But she wasn’t always this happy.

When Tinkerbelle came to us at 15 years old, she had been living outside and had not received the love or medical treatment she desperately needed.

We were very concerned by her extensive health issues, but we knew we needed to do whatever we could to give her as much time as possible.

Tinkerbelle had ulcers on her eyes that were causing distress, anaemia, and a heart condition requiring ongoing medication. Our interventions were successful!

Her new life couldn’t be more perfect; Tinkerbelle is sassy and full of life. She comes to work with her new mum, who is a vet nurse and can respond to any health issues that arise in the future.

Health checks/vet visits: 37
Surgeries performed: 2
To-Date Costing: $3,916.19

A note from Gracie, a vet nurse and Tinkerbelle’s mum

Tinkerbelle has been doing really well – her coat and her eyelashes are so luscious now, she is needing grooms very regularly! She is a ravenous eater – she is on a kidney diet for early stage renal disease but is being closely monitored for it – we did another blood test this past Friday which revealed no progression of disease in the past 2 months, which is quite impressive for a 15.5 year old dog.

She has learned that she is the top dog in our household and will bark at me any time she wants to be fed, go for a drive or be picked up to get onto the couch or bed, even though she has special carpeted stairs and is just feeling lazy!

Tinkerbelle has two feline siblings at home (both special needs girls also adopted) that she has a gentle rivalry with – when they’re not trying to eat each other’s food, they’re play fighting or snuggling during a nap.

Tinkerbell had her first beach trip with me this past weekend which she loved – she ran around the beach for an hour, playing with other dogs, begging strangers for chips and following runners – I had to be pretty eagle eyed to not lose her. She is such a social and happy girl – everyone who knows her from when she first came in tells me regularly how amazing and bright she looks now.

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