A dog and cat’s coat is their first defence against the cold, but did you know a matted coat can be colder? Ensure your pet is warm and comfortable this winter by keeping up a grooming routine. Regular grooming will keep your pets comfortable, avoid matting and reduce shedding.

How to prevent dog matting

“The key to preventing matting is regular brushing,” says Animal Aid Groomer Sara de Geus, “You can brush yourself at home with a slicker brush and follow up afterward with a comb to make sure you have removed all the knots – or you can come to Animal Aid and see us between clips to maintain a long coat.”

Starting a good grooming routine at a young age is important for dogs that have long coats.

“We offer puppy grooms at Animal Aid at an affordable price to get your puppy used to the professional process,” says Sara. 

Signs you need to take your dog to grooming

“If your dog is looking very woolly, smelly, their vision is impeded by hair or their bottom is getting poo stuck, it is time to come and see us,” says Sara.

A typical dog that requires regular clipping will usually visit a groomer every 6 to 8 weeks.

“You should also never wash a matted dog,” says Sara, “Washing matted coats results in worse matting and difficulty drying the skin.”

The dangers of matted coats

“Matted fur tends to attract mud and water which gets trapped against the skin, causing the dog to be wet for longer than a clipped non-matted dog,” says Sara.

Matted fur can also cause skin irritation and hot spots which can result in the need for vet treatment.

“A dog with a clipped neat coat in winter is better off, they are easier to dry and keep their skin healthy,” says Sara, “It’s a misconception that dogs will be cold with a clipped coat over winter.”

You can always offer extra blankets or a jacket (like our warm Huskimo Dog Coats available at our Grooming Salon) to keep your dog feeling comfortable after a clip.

How we treat a matted dog in grooming

“Dogs with quite severe matting need to be shaved very short,” says Sara, “Our clippers cannot cut through the mats, they need to slide underneath the matting.”

Attempting to brush out severe matting can cause the dog bruising, skin irritation, and significant discomfort.

Feel free to pop in and visit our friendly and experienced Grooming team to discuss options for your dog’s grooming, and to see what we can do to keep your dog comfortable and healthy over the Winter months!