Life Changing Care

Can you help an animal needing life changing care?

No animal should have to endure a life of pain and suffering. Animal Aid is here – we mend the broken
and heal the sick, we are gifting lives worth living.

We ensure that each animal is happy and healthy before they go to their new homes. Some animals
need only the basics of care, but too often, we see neglect and abuse leading to a life of suffering,
disability, and disfigurement.

The good news is, with your help, we can fix this.

Your donation will help us give the gift of a brighter future this Christmas.

No matter the day or time, our Veterinary Team are always ready to help an animal in need. This year we gave over 15,000 hours of care to homeless animals. Our highly skilled and dedicated staff performed over 1,750 surgeries and 8,000 consultations, health checks and vaccinations to homeless pets, but there is so much more to be done.

When you donate to Animal Aid this Christmas, you will be giving the gift of life, good health and happiness to the homeless animals in our community.

Please read on to learn more about our work and the incredible animals we have had the opportunity to heal. I hope you are inspired by the stories of Cooper, Tayder, Boss and Tinkerbelle.

Wishing you, your family and friends a Merry Christmas and an enjoyable 2022.

Until they all find a home,

Mark Menze

CEO, Animal Aid


On the 16th of June, we received two 12 week old kittens. One was adopted very quickly, but it was evident that the other (Cooper) had severe problems with his eyes. We conferred with our senior vets Nico and Adele and found that this kitten had no eyelids! Surgery was the only way that Cooper was going to be able to live a pain-free life.

It took two extremely tricky procedures over a couple of months. The first involved flipping live tissue from below the eye, upwards (making Cooper blind for two weeks); this flap was then used to create eyelids for him!

Cooper is now happy and healthy! His incredible surgery was a true success! Our talented vets and wonderful foster carers gave this little guy a life worth living. Cooper will be cleared by our vets in the coming weeks and will be ready for his new home.

Health checks/vet visits: 11
Surgeries performed: 2
Total costing: $3,864.40


Boss came into our care in April through no fault of his own – We soon found he was very friendly, great with other dogs and loved soft toys!

But, we could tell by the sound Boss made when he breathed that he had some serious health issues. When he was examined, we discovered that his nasal passages were obstructed, and surgery would be the only way to give him the quality of life he deserved. Due to his poor breeding Boss had malformed ears, prone to complex and reoccurring infections; he underwent a second surgery to correct his ears. After spending three months in foster care, Boss was fully healed and ready for his second chance. He was quickly adopted and is happy in his new home!

Health checks/vet visits: 39
Surgeries performed: 2
To-Date Costing: $5,275.43


This joyful little pooch wasn’talways so happy. When Tinkerbelle came to us at 15 years, she had been livingoutside and had not received thelove or medical treatment she desperately needed.

We were very concerned by her extensive health issues, but we knew we needed to do whatever we could to give her as much time as possible. Tinkerbelle had ulcers on her eyes that were causing distress, anaemia, and a heart condition requiring ongoing medication. Our interventions were successful! Her new life couldn’t be more perfect; Tinkerbelle is sassy and full of life. She comes to work with her new mum, who is a vet nurse and can respond to any health issues that arise in the future.

Health checks/vet visits: 37
Surgeries performed: 2
To-Date Costing: $3,916.19


Tayder arrived at Animal Aid in a terrible condition, severely dehydrated and emaciated; she received IV fluids for four whole days. Upon her initial health check, it was quickly apparent that she had several health concerns.

Tayder needed six weeks of strong antibiotics to address a nasty infection in her jaw, and her teeth were the cause of lots of pain – every single tooth required removal. She is now receiving the food and nutrients she needs and is so loved by her foster carer, but her blood results have been inconsistent with some indication that Tayder is not yet out of the woods. The entire team at Animal Aid is committed to ensuring she has every opportunity to succeed. Throughout her journey, this sweet girl has remained amazingly friendly and confident.

Tayder has found her forever home with her foster carer; she is an integral part of the family and will be happier and in better health than ever before.

Health checks/vet visits: 18
Diagnostic/laboratory work ups: 9
Surgeries performed: 2
To-Date Costing: $5,033.03

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